To help you in making your decision about registering with Christian Heritage, here are samples of the record-keeping forms that are required of our members. Financial information is also included.

Sample Recordkeeping Forms – K-8th Grade

Sample Recordkeeping Forms – 9th-12th Grades

Financial Information for the Current School Year

Do you have a high school student? If so, be sure to read this carefully before proceeding:

Families of high school students please take note: Be sure to examine the financial requirements as explained in the registration form’s continuation page. Also, because we are not an accredited school, there is the probability that your local public school will not accept our high school credits for transfer (private schools more commonly DO accept our credits). Therefore, it is possible that home educating during any portion of high school may require a commitment to continue through graduation. Consider carefully!

Your decision to educate your children at home should be considered carefully and prayerfully. With God’s leading, this can be a very rewarding experience for your family.

If you are ready to move ahead, return to previous page and click the “Register Now” button.

Note: Registration for the new school year begins May 1st. After August 31st call the office to see if applications are still being accepted. High school has specific timing restrictions—generally accepted at the start of each semester—so please check with us prior to removing your student from classroom school.