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To Begin

Before you register, take a look at the samples of record-keeping forms that are required of our members. You can also view samples of our newsletter (link A, link B). If you like what you see, download the Registration
Application forms including the two continuation pages that need to be initialed. (By downloading the application you are also able to see specific requirements for membership on page 4-6.)  Please complete the forms and mail all six pages with your $20 application fee to the address shown on the application.




DOWNLOAD REGISTRATION APPLICATION FORM (Current members: Please use the Registration Renewal Form available in the "Members Only" section - see link above.)


Please note that all forms are in PDF format. 

Download the free version of Adobe Reader

by clicking here to open the files.


Registration for the new school year begins May 1st. After August 31st call the office to see if applications are being accepted. High school has specific timing restrictions, so be informed prior to removing your student from classroom school.

What's Next?

After your application has been approved (which may include a personal interview), you will need to pay registration fees in full and complete certain other paperwork before registration is finalized. Any required papers will be sent to you within a few days of application approval.   Please be sure you have your student's immunization record as this will be required before completion of registration.


For your convenience you may make your registration payment through PayPal; be sure to include an explanation of  what the payment covers in their 'Notes' section and add 3.5% to cover their fees or choose a payment method by which you pay any fees.  Through PayPal you may select to pay via your bank account or credit card. 

Solution Graphics

When the PayPal pop-up window opens, click on the "Start Using PayPal Today" link that is at the bottom of the message.   The PayPal window will open.  At the top of this new screen is a "login" link for those with PayPal accounts.  If you don't have a PayPal account, you can complete the registration process to get an account by completing the form. 

Please note that the mandatory monthly meeting mentioned in our literature will be held on the second Thursday evening each month September through November, January through May.  If we have a willing group leader, we may offer a day meeting time that same second Thursday. Plan it into your schedule now!!

Your decision to educate your children at home should be considered carefully and prayerfully.  With God's leading, this can be a very rewarding experience for your family.

NOTE: When removing children from a public school we suggest you tell them you have chosen to enroll your student in private school rather than saying you will be homeschooling. Some public school personnel are quite supportive of home education but others are very antagonistic and may cause you hassle and grief.

Families of high school students please take note: Be sure to examine the financial requirements as explained in the registration formócontinuation page. Also, because we are NOT an accredited school, there is the possibility that your local public school will NOT accept our high school credits for transfer. Therefore, it is possible that home educating during any portion of high school may require a commitment to continue through graduation. Consider carefully! However, most colleges/universities (including Ivy League universities, Christian colleges and universities, military academies) accept homeschooled students without accreditation.





July 29, 2014

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